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Absolute measurement together with the EIB 741 evaluation unit

In highly dynamic measuring tasks, such as on test stands, counting errors can occur in the subsequent electronics when using incremental encoders. These are often caused by excessive speeds or vibrations. The absolute length gauges of the HEIDENHAIN-ACANTO series avoid these counting errors by continuously determining the absolute position value for each request, without needing a reference run.

The diagnostics continually check the current state of the encoder and report it via the respective valuation numbers. Should there be an error in the formation of the position value, an alarm bit is transmitted via the interface. A simple check of the state of the length gauge is then possible together with the diagnostic interface of the EnDat 2.2 protocol. This alarm and diagnostic function in particular is important for securing the process capability of the system in advance. In addition, HEIDENHAIN-ACANTO length gauges feature a sliding guide system with ceramic bushing—the best solution for fulfilling the contrary demands of sturdiness and repeatability. A ball-bush guide gives better repeatability, but is more sensitive to contamination and less sturdy than a sliding guide with ceramic bushing.

In combination with the EIB 741 evaluation unit, a position value can be requested every 100 µs. Per channel the EIB 741 can typically store 250,000 data records as well as transmit approx. 1.2 MB of data in streaming mode over the Ethernet interface. The provided C++ and LabView drivers simplify integration in the machine system. As an alternative, as evaluation units you can use the ND 2100G GAGE-CHEK for up to eight encoders, or the MSE 1000 for up to 250 encoders.

ACANTO highlights

Absolute measurement

No counting errors at high speeds or vibrations

Sturdy design

Ceramic plain bush guide, up to IP 67


Pluggable assembly

EIB 741 highlights

Highly dynamic

One data record every 100 µs

High data transfer rate

Internal memory for up to 250,000 measured values per channel, as well as approx. 1.2 MB data flow rate over Ethernet in streaming mode

Products used in this application



3 m EnDat 2.2 cable with radial outlet


EIB 741 evaluation unit with measured-value memory


Recommended accessories

Driver for C

Driver for LabView